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We offer advertisers a unique opportunity to place their ads in any specific category of choice to enhance their website traffic, online visibility and search engine positioning with this powerful advertising program. So sponsor a category and get the opportunity to place your web site campaigns in front of thousands of visitors each month, that have the same intrests as you and generate a targeted audience and traffic to your web site or business. Sponsor a category today and get it listed at the top of any relevant directory category of your choice


Sponsorship Benefits:

Why don't you sponsor a category? Every time a visitor links to a particular category, your banner will be visible on top of the page.


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  Sponsorship Duration Price Recurring Subscription?
Weekly $5.00 months USD No
Monthly $15.00 months USD No
Annually $100.00 months USD No


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If you have already completed the payment, then please fill in the form below to add or update your sponsorship information. The details required to fill in this form, are available in the order processing confirmation email that you would have received from us, after successful payment processing

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